On this interface, it is aimed to exchange between almost all parities on the Ethereum Ecosystem. At the same time, liquidity will be added for the $KOALA-$KOALAX parity. In this way, $KOALA token holders will be able to exchange them for $KOALAX tokens.

How to Swap Tokens on KOALA

  • Go to Swap page.

  • Connect to your Metamask wallet via the connect wallet button top right corner of the page.

  • Choose one parity to exchange each other.

  • Click the Swap button.

  • Approve the swapping action on your Metamask wallet.

A token swap has two distinct definitions within the crypto sphere. The first connotes the process of instantaneously exchanging one cryptocurrency to another without having to first undertake a crypto-to-fiat exchange.

On the other hand, the second definition of token swap revolves around the migration of projects or platforms from one blockchain to another and the coin swapping requirements that often accompany such a move. In this case, a project has for one reason or the other chosen to switch its operation base to another blockchain with unique token standards. As such, the development team must provide the means for investors and users to swap the project’s native token to another token that is compatible with the new blockchain network. The process involved is what we call token swapping or token migration.

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