About Ecosystem Tokens

What is $KOALA?

KOALA Token was launched as the main token of the Koaland Project running on the Ethereum Network. Hunting and earning are the beginning points of the Koaland Project to have a healthy life and the KOALA Token is planned to be at the center of this ecosystem. KOALA Token is designed to be used for crypto investment vehicles such as;

  • Swap

  • Farms

  • Pools

  • Borrowing

  • Staking

At the same time, investment pools will be launched with KOALA Token parity in the Koaland Ecosystem, and also, liquidity development will be driven by KOALA Token financing.

What is $KOALAX?

KOALAX Token has been driven for gaming and other events by The Koaland Project that run on the Polygon Network. In addition, KOALAX Token is designed to be used for fair NFT and token distribution structure and recreational activities. A certain part of the funds of KOALAX Token will be used for people in need and to support wellness.

KOALAX Token owners will be able to participate in the events that will be held on the ecosystem and will also have the chance to have NFT and mystery boxes on KOALAND. At the same time, various prizes will be shared with users who own tokens in the AR-supported game KOALAND. The KOALAX token will support healthy living and encourage users to walk and earn passive crypto earnings at the same time.

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